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Exfoliant face mask with Nanosomes

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The exfoliant mask is a creamy nutritional substance with enveloping and delicately abrasive properties, containing highly-dispersed polyethylene microspheres as the exfoliating agent. The microspheres carefully and efficiently peel off the keratinous outer layer of epidermal cells and open clogged pores, removing sebaceous plugs, normalizing microcirculation and cellular metabolism in the deeper skin layers. The mask’s high hydrating and nutritional effect on skin is due to abundance of nanocomplexes with apple monosaccharides and oat amino acids, simultaneously toning up skin and activating natural cell regeneration processes. These components guarantee even and consistent formation of well-developed epidermis and adorn your skin with healthy youthful blush, tenderness and silkiness. Relieved of the burden of dead cells, your skin will reward you with the exciting feeling of freshness and youth. Hypoallergenic formula. Comfortable in use.

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