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Placental collagenous mask (film) Plazan

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Placental collagenous masks of a series Plazan (the general description)

Placental collagen masks Plazan are issued in three forms. All three forms can be used both in professional beauty salons, and in domestic conditions. To tell the truth, the first form of output—collagen film— is difficult in use, therefore it approaches for work in beauty salons more. Placental collagen mask-napkin and Plazan-system are convenient in application, as in beauty salons, and at home.

Placental collagenous mask (film) plazan

The given mask represents a film from collagenous fibers of the amniotic membrane of human placenta processed on special technology with conservation by the nature of structure of the used collagen.

Collagen is one of the basic structural protein of the skin who serves for it as a skeleton. This protein in a complex with an elastin gives elasticity to the skin. In the course of time synthesis of a collagen in the skin cells is retarded, its shortage results in subsidence" of skin surfaces, they become flabby and weakly structured. For this cause today the collagen cosmetics has taken a worthy place in system of rejuvenescence of the skin and struggle against its flabbiness. The placental collagen is one of the most efficient active components as it is completely identical to collagen of human skin.

Efficiency of placental collagen masks is proved to many scientists, especially Japanese. Application of these masks allows to return for 10-12 sessions to the skin elasticity and a turgor, effectively to purify the skin and to give it the second youth. The film of collagen of placenta offered by us differs from analogues of other manufacturers the price and the production technology which provides conservation of natural frame of a collagen used by us. The original technology of obtaining of a placental collagen allows us to use its not only as a cosmetic, but also to treat the serious diseases connected to disorder of integrity of skin surfaces (trophic ulcers)


Placental native collagen, hyaluronic acid of navel-strings, ethanol, glycerin, structure-former, water purified, flavors.


Unique action of a collagen mask consists that it:

1) clears perfectly the skin surface of any pollution and fat scurf;

2) Promotes smoothing of wrinkles, has the expressed effect of lifting;

3) Stimulates synthesis of own collagen due to procrastination on itself of endogenic collagenases;

4) Promotes hydration of skin surfaces;

5) Enlarges blood circulation in upper layers of the skin that results in improvement of a metabolism

And to raising of the general vitality of the skin;

6) deduces toxins from skin surfaces;

7) takes out an inflammation and puffiness.

References on application

Applying of the mask 3-4 times a month is recommended for care of withering skin of the face. At carrying out of an special course of rejuvenation of the skin a mask apply daily or in day of 6-8 masks. A similar course of rejuvenation carry out once in 3-4 months. Probably a single use of the mask is possible if it is urgently necessary for you to put the skin of the face in order for 20-30 minutes.

The mask is effective for all types of the skin, and there is any by-effects. It is applied at any time year. One mask can be used on 6-8 procedures, applying on problem spots around of eyes or the contour of the lips, selecting constantly only a part of a film on one procedure. Other part of a mask can be stored 2-3 months in a refrigerator in the closed form.

Way of application

1. To clear the skin of pollution and surplus of fat using milk or soap.

2. To wipe the skin a liquid which contains a collagenous mask.

3. To give the skin1-2 minutes to dry up.

4. To cut a collagenous film the scraps convenient for an overlay on the skin surface.

5. To impose a rough layer a mask on the skin of the face, softly smoothing it so that a film densely touched the skin surface (the film has two sides rough and sleek, the rough layer is more active). Correctly imposed mask completely retries a relief of the face and does not interfere with mimic movements of facial muscles.

6. In 20-30 minutes to remove from the face and, not washing off its traces to put hydrating cream of a series Plazan with hyaluronic acid (Day of Gold Series, Day or Evening of Diamond series).

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